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The Circus Clowns as we see them, with a big nose, clothes that are too loose, large shoes and untidy manners, are also called Auguste Clowns, after the German Word "Auguste", which means "fool". Auguste clown has its origin in Germany in 1869. An American acrobat named Tom Belling was performing there with his circus group and was confined to his dressing room as a punishment for not being discipline and missing his tricks. To pass time, he put on clothes that were too big for him in front of his friends and started imitating the show manager, who just happened to step into the room at the time. Thus, Belling started running and ended up in the circus arena where he stumbled and fell over the ring curb. This made audience laugh hard and yell 'Auguste!' (German for 'fool'). From then on, Belling was ordered by the manager to continue his performances as the 'Auguste' clown. Though, the story of the name may not be true (as it is believed that the word 'Auguste' made its entry in the German language only after the character), the character certainly became a favorite of the circus audience and kids.
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